Author Topic: Can I use with no Internet Coneection ?  (Read 12497 times)

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Can I use with no Internet Coneection ?
« on: March 25, 2003, 01:38:04 AM »
Can I run this on a Network of 5 puters on NT 4 with no Internet connection ?
How will I get the Updates ? Dnload em and install from Disk ?

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Re:Can I use with no Internet Coneection ?
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2003, 09:19:52 AM »
Absolutely! :)

Of course, an antivirus is useful only if it is being updated on a regular basis (at least the virus database). We provide a form of updates designed particularly for offline users -- updates via the vpsupd.exe program.

The vpsupd.exe program has about 1MB and contains the latest virus database. To apply the update to an offline computer, download the vpdupd.exe file (on a different machine, of course ;)), put it on a disk and execute it on the offline target. The program should automatically detect installed avast and do all stuff needed to make it up-to-date. You should do this at least once a week (we issue virus database updates at least twice a week, at the moment).

The vpsupd.exe program can be found here: .

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