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Title: Avast Internet Security & Outlook Express problem
Post by: tascio1 on January 29, 2013, 03:20:10 PM
Hope someone can help as exhausted options!!

Bit long-winded but: I have a desktop with XP & laptop with Windows 7. Two years ago I installed Avast full on laptop & never had any problems. At same time I installed same avast on desktop.

I use Outlook Express all the time there. Basically it brought in one email then froze; at same time, my router cut out. Closing OE & rebooting router was ok & could get Internet up. Could check my Orange email on their website. However, if I open OE again, it freezes & cuts router off. It also doesn't clear any messages in transit.

After uninstalling avast I downloaded the free version & never had a problem again!

Have just renewed avast & exactly same thing happening again, with one difference. It lets me use OE now but not Internet at same time & vice-versa. For the first hour it was freezing OE & had to keep re-booting the router.

If I can't sort this soon, think I'll be back to using the free version on my desktop!

Thought an update useful!!

Last night OE worked perfectly ............... until I opened Explorer then the router crashed. However, if I open Explorer first, then OE, no problems I'm aware of!! What a peculiar problem but I'll stick with this format until someone advises as to why.
Title: Re: Avast Internet Security & Outlook Express problem
Post by: hadenough on June 15, 2013, 09:36:00 AM
Yeah, I have the same issue with Avast Internet Security and any response from technical support has been totally useless.
I bought internet security nearly 2 months ago and have had to re-imahe my PC every time I try a fix just so I can return to the free version and collect emails.

Wish I had never bought this product and doubt I will ever get a fix or my cash back!!!