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Title: Problems
Post by: lava1 on March 23, 2005, 02:08:55 PM
I read the problems that people where having with there Explorer.   It seems like Iam having a bit of problems with my IE to.   It seems that when I surf the web to different pages it seems to lag for a few seconds which I mean by that is when it goes to different web pages when it dose the items it dose it fast but when has like 1 item left it it takes a few seconds till it says done.  The only web page that goes fast to me is when u go to your forum here goes fast.   2nd  for some reason it just started doing when you look at your newsgroups it takes about I say about maybe 10 secs to show each group when u r reading it or shows a pic. in that certain group.   I was wondering its doing it now and not when I download your new version  ( 4.6.623)   this just started to this since last Thursday dose any body have a idea why.   I have talk to some friends they say too they found that Explore is slow.  (they don't use avast they use other Virus checkers)  last of least others have problem with there MSN it dose not alert u all the time when u have email some times it dose and sometimes it dosen't  I wrote them and told them but it seems they don't have a problem.   I am from Canada and I was wondering if anybody might have that problem and they have report it to MSN.   

What I have    (Processor is Intel Pnetuim II MMX 350 MHz
                         Ram 256 MB
                         Operating System Windows 2000 Professional
                          5.0 Build 2195
                          Outlook Express  6.00.2800.1123
                           Avast Home Edition
                           Avast 4.6.623

P.S.   I forgot mention when i do read my newsgroups it shows  it clean.   Thank you for your help and any help would be apprecated.   If you do tell me what steps to take please very direct and by steps because I don't much on computers and I might need diagrams.  Thanks again
Title: Re: Problems
Post by: lava1 on March 23, 2005, 05:05:23 PM
I am just writing to see why nobody has reply yet to my question (just to say for some reason it is acting better)  and I was curious to why beside my name the folder is yellow and open and I never seen that before when I wrote into the forum it was always blue. Sorry to have bother u with my problems.   But these question could be answer I would apprecate.   Thanks so much.
Title: Re: Problems
Post by: FastGame on March 23, 2005, 06:39:44 PM
Do you have Avast! Webshield running ? If you do disable it and see if that makes a difference, just for a starting point....
Title: Re: Problems
Post by: lava1 on March 23, 2005, 07:06:10 PM
Thanks for your help I hope someone can still help and explain what the problems might be or is there going be a new (build to the one we have now (4.6.---) to recfide the matter that is happening with surfing and newsgroups etc. Again I thank you for your help.  I wait  to hear from someone Avast Team that can tell me.
Title: Re: Problems
Post by: lava1 on March 23, 2005, 10:03:53 PM
I was hoping I could hear something soon but I quess everybody is busy on the 3 question maybe I will get a answer by tomorrow I am sorry in being a bother.   Thanks again
Title: Re: Problems
Post by: DavidR on March 23, 2005, 10:57:22 PM
I think the lack of answers may be due to the lack of detail.

Can you break down each problem in turn and explain the problem in detail including any errors/messages that are displayed.

Problem, what were you doing when the problem occurred, what messages were displayed, etc.
Title: Re: Problems
Post by: lava1 on March 23, 2005, 11:16:39 PM
Thanks David in getting back to me.
1 question  I just notice that when I browse in IE some web pages download a little slower than they should(specially when u see the items below IE when it goes to 1 item left it takes a few seconds longer)
2 question when I read my Newsgroups it and I click on each one to read or show a pic it takes a few seconds before it opens.   On these 2 things it never did this when I downloaded your new version 4.6.623 it just started doing this I have no firewall or spyware on my computer and I was just wondering why all of sudden it just start doing it.
3. question last of least is beside my name there is a yellow folder open and when I did write into the forum before it was always blue and I was wondering why now dose it change to yellow and not blue has closed like others I read on the forum.
Again David thanks for help and I wat to hear from u soon.
Title: Re: Problems
Post by: DavidR on March 24, 2005, 12:02:04 AM
1. That may well be down to some servers being either very busy, slow or image intensive, each element is also being scanned by the web shield provider to try and stop infection reaching your computer, that will also have an overhead. You could try with the web shield terminated and see if that speeds things up.

However, your Processor is a little under powered and anything you can do to reduce the CPU load is likely to help, ensure that you only have programs running that are essential (not just desirable), they can be opened and closed as required.

2. Again a new element (in 4.6.623) to the Internet Mail provider is to scan NNTP (news group) messages, this only done when the message is opened, not when you check the headers, if you are using OE for news groups and you have the preview pane open then as you preview a pessage it will be opened and scanned. See image for settings.

Being without a firewall is leaving you vulnerable but I have no suggestions for a firewall that is light on system resources, but there have been a number of threads that have discussed firewalls.

3. I'm sorry I don't understand the question, I don't see any folder next to my name or yours. where is this, profile, forum thread, a post you have made, where? Better still a picture.

I'm sorry to report that your processor is hampering your experience.