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Title: help with avast free trial issue
Post by: fenk on August 15, 2013, 09:38:20 AM
 hi, i don't know if some of you are also experiencing this avast free trial issues.
At first, when i installed avast (avast internet security) i never noticed any that said the version is only for a free trial version and so that's why i continued to install and assumed it was working properly. later then i guess after a couple of weeks an avast window notifies me that i only have few more days for the free trial that sort of i need to pay some amount to continue subscribing or using the antivirus.

What gets me more confused here is that, while my days were running off to its due date the avast notification an activation box (usually appears on the right upper corner, green color)  keeps notifying to my computer stating "my avast has been just activated". and when my day has ended there on avast window it shows on the upper side "in mode trial(0 days remaining)". i wonder if that notification can affect my online surfing, does my computer is at risk?.  because i have done the antivirus testing whether be my antivirus is really working on my system or not, and it resulted positively.

can anyone plz help me to understand this free trial issue.. does this should mean that i have to uninstall and reinstall again an avast antivirus?. thank you..
Title: Re: help with avast free trial issue
Post by: Pondus on August 15, 2013, 12:29:11 PM
is your computer time / day / month / year correct?   if not adjust and reboot

have you tried a reboot to see if anything changes?
have you tried avast repair option from. ad/remove - change programs ?