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Title: Zone Alarm & avast! 4 Home
Post by: comRace on May 29, 2005, 12:19:27 PM
Hello avast! users.
My name is Mike and I'm from Romania.
I'm using avast! 4 Home (of course) :)
I have a question: ???
My firewall, ZoneAlarm, doesn't detect at "Antivirus Monitoring" my avast!
Why is that?

THX.  ;D
Title: Re: Zone Alarm & avast! 4 Home
Post by: essexboy on May 29, 2005, 01:54:26 PM
I think it comes under the heading of : if I say you don't have an av will you buy mine.

Title: Re: Zone Alarm & avast! 4 Home
Post by: TedNelly on May 29, 2005, 02:01:33 PM

It's not a problem ZA just dosn't detect Avast  ZA is good like that ;D ;D
Title: Re: Zone Alarm & avast! 4 Home
Post by: Lisandro on May 29, 2005, 04:52:25 PM
ZoneAlarm only recognizes afiliates programs (ZoneLabs).
So, the concurrence is not detected.
Seems stupidity to 'force' the user to buy their products. I can't find other words as if the user does have an antivirus, the problem is that ZA pretends not detect it to give the user the false impression of does not having an antivirus. Poor merchandising policy. Worse, this is stupidity in my opinion  :P
Title: Re: Zone Alarm & avast! 4 Home
Post by: DavidR on May 29, 2005, 05:20:03 PM
1. If ZA doesn't recognise avast, yet WinXP's Security Center does, which would you believe?

2. Why would a firewall want to check if you have an AV? It shouldn't care about anything else other than being a firewall. The answer marketing its own AV and personally I wouldn't buy anything from anyone using that kind of marketing.
Title: Re: Zone Alarm & avast! 4 Home
Post by: szc on May 29, 2005, 05:48:04 PM
Exactly David, you're 100% right !!!

This is totally unnecessary... why should they bother checking on antiviruses on our computers in the first place. That shouldn't be firewall's business at all. We have our Security Center that is provided by our OS, Windows... and if it says, antivirus is present, and clearly recognizes it as avast!, then no one should worry. Yet again... ZA says you don't have antivirus installed on your system... avast! is very respectable antivirus, and when some fresh users see ZoneAlarm doesn't recognize avast!, first thing that will pop up in their mind, is: "...what the heck... this is not quite good antivirus... it's not recognized by one of the best firewalls out there...". Not quite fair from ZoneLabs IMHO...  ::)

Even if checking on installed antivirus program from withing ZoneAlarm is good idea, they should rephrase everything... something like, antivirus installed, antivirus name: avast! antivirus... our recommendation: ZA antivirus ...even that sounds better, but not saying, there is no antivirus at all...

I'm using ZA, but this "marketing move" is nothing but unnecessary move by ZoneLabs.

My advice to our friend comRace: Go to ZoneAlarm ANTIVIRUS MONITORING section and disable antivirus checking. You need a firewall, ad you don't need their opinion is your antivirus good, bad, recognized by ZoneLabs or not... if you need user's opinion how good this antivirus is, just read all those nice reviews all over the internet, visit this forum, ask for help, and you'll see right away how good this product really is... Alwil Software is diligent and very hard working team consisted of wonderful people which also are our great friends... updates are on daily, and very often on hourly basis... Program updates are great, and best of all, they really know what they are doing, they are great bunch of programmers, but still, they ask us (forum members, visitors and beta testers) what can they do to improve their product. Same story every single time prior to releasing new program update... Best of all, they listen to our ideas (of course if they are reasonable enough)...

Technical support is practically 24/7, by e-mail, phone and through these forums... even for freeware product... hard to find something like that somewhere else. We all recognize Alwil's hard work, so why shouldn't ZoneLabs too ?

Cheers !
Title: Re: Zone Alarm & avast! 4 Home
Post by: StopMe on May 29, 2005, 05:50:48 PM
Yeah it is strange that ZA has a Antivirus monitor.  They should remove that.  *nod*  They should only give us just the firewall, nothing else.  That what it said for the ZoneAlarm free download, just thier award winning firewall.   They never told us that thier would be a antivirus monitor and a email scanner.  I turn both of them off. 
Title: Re: Zone Alarm & avast! 4 Home
Post by: StopMe on May 29, 2005, 06:42:32 PM
On the other hand, ZoenAlarm is recommend if you don't want to pay for a firewall.  Sygate and kerio are other good choices but I like ZA cause it's simple like me.  :)  If you are a novice and you have Windows XP SP2 Firewall, keep that until you have some experience.   ;D
Title: Re: Zone Alarm & avast! 4 Home
Post by: rdmaloyjr on May 30, 2005, 03:22:22 AM
I used to have McAfee virus scan.  Zone Alarm would often alert me McAfee was out of date before McAfee updated.   I have 2 computers, a desktop & a laptop.  McAfee is a no extra cost benefit of my ISP.  At home McAfee updated regularly with no problem, but I have a laptop so I can access the 'net away from home.  I use WI-FI or dial up when away & McAfee would rarely update.  So it was a good thing that ZA alerted me of McAfee's status.

I switched to avast! for my laptop because of McAfee's reluctance to update when using another ISP.   The instant I get an internet connection avast! checks for an update.  No problem!  I now use avast! on my desktop, also.

My ISP doesn't want me using their provision on another ISP,  it isn't McAfee's fault.

Zone Alarm rules the firewall world!  Too bad it wont recognize the best anti-virus.
Title: Re: Zone Alarm & avast! 4 Home
Post by: StopMe on May 30, 2005, 04:42:02 AM
I don't feel like ZoneAlarm Antivirus is strong, they may have a strong firewall, but antivirus...I don't know.   :-\
Title: Re: Zone Alarm & avast! 4 Home
Post by: Scary Panchita on May 31, 2005, 03:38:19 PM
ZA uses same antivirus as EZ antivirus dosnt it? Its both made by computer associates!
Title: Re: Zone Alarm & avast! 4 Home
Post by: cvsa on May 31, 2005, 04:55:54 PM
ZA antivirus is the same as computer associates' (mc afee) . It recently had a security problem...... :-\

in french (sorry) : http://www.silicon.fr/getarticle.asp?ID=9954

in english : http://www3.ca.com/securityadvisor/vulninfo/vuln.aspx?id=32896

Use the firewall, not the antivirus.....