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Title: Windows XP new hardware Wizard
Post by: JojoFrench on June 02, 2005, 07:52:25 AM

I try kaspersky av but it isn't compatible with AOL Autoconnect (BSOD...).
I reinstall avast!

But today, when i start my computer, Windows XP says "New hardware detected" and it was about "Avast! e-mail Scanner"...

But Avast! e-mail Scanner isn't hardware!
I click on "don't ask me again" in the end of the wizard (it can't find the correct drivers for this "hardware"). But my e-mail protection seems to work correctly!!!

Is it a Windows XP Bug? I've got Windows XP Home.

That is curious!
Thanks! :o
Title: Re: Windows XP new hardware Wizard
Post by: Vlk on June 02, 2005, 08:44:40 AM
Hi Jojo, we have a couple of pending support issues with the same problem (so you're not alone).
Currently, we have NO idea what's going on.

My question is, how proficient are you with computers? I mean, do you know what registry is, what the system folder is etc.?
I'd need you to do some tests... :)

Title: answer for vlk...
Post by: JojoFrench on June 02, 2005, 05:29:22 PM
Hello again!

I am 14 yo and I know the computers since I am 7/8 years old. I began with a very-old computer (7 months with MSDOS without kownledge, Windows 3.11) and i have used Windows 98, and now XP...

I'm surfing on internet all the day, when i am not in school...
I like computers, and i will be happy to participe at your tests! I only can report you errors which appears, but I don't know a lot about programing... (Juste a few about the very outdated BASIC...)
About: The registry: i know a bit about this (i can modify the registry only for little things (e.g: aol autoconnect at startup)...
The system folder: This is a folder in Windows (c:\windows\system32) XP and others that will be used for stocking some system files (drivers, important applications (e.g:regedit.exe, etc..., Dynamic Link Librairies... etc...)
Thank you!