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Title: Considering Secureline - couple questions for users
Post by: SirMatthew on November 13, 2013, 05:50:29 AM
I apologize if there is another thread like this, but I could not find one. 

I am a home user but I do work from home.  I don't deal with a lot of client data online, necessarily, and I have firewall, etc., but, someone was 'tracing' people's Ip addresses, etc.

As you can see, I'm not literate with some of the technical things, If I had more time, perhaps, but, until then, I will ask you.  :)

I know Avast reps are going to tell me it's a good product, and I've read a number of reviews that give Secureline a good score, and I'm US-based, and will most likely never be leaving the country again. 

My questions are as follows:

1.  Is Secureline sufficient protection in that users cannot trace my location? I don't expect I have hackers after me, but, you never know! [
2.  I imagine I need to have my modem/router interact with this thing? Or it is computer-based? There are two computers in the house, no other devices.
3.  Will I need to make changes to my email program(thunderbird)?
4.  And finally, does it affect internet speeds?

I thank those who respond, in advance, for your replies. 
Title: Re: Considering Secureline - couple questions for users
Post by: schmidthouse on November 14, 2013, 07:41:51 PM
I can try and answer some of your inquiries as I am a user of Secureline but am not an expert.
First you may want to  read up on Secureline VPN (Virtual Private Network) Here:http://www.avast.com/secureline-vpn (http://www.avast.com/secureline-vpn)

Avast Secureline is mainly for those folks that are constantly(or occasionally) connecting to "Unsecured Public Networks" such as Internet Cafes and Airport WIFI etc. So if this doesn't include you then you probably don't need Secureline.
Also keep in mind whenever one uses a VPN there will inevitably be 'some' internet speed Lost/.

I am most always connecting from Unsecured Networks in Public environments so for me Secureline is definitely a Security necessity.
You need to evaluate if your own internet access security need, matches the purpose of Secureline(using a VPN).
Good luck. :)