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Title: Avast delete all Autoit compiled applications
Post by: cetipabo on December 26, 2013, 12:17:04 AM
Hi !
Since Autoit (http://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/downloads/) was released a few days ago, i noticed that ALL applications compiled in 32bit are immediatly moved in quarantine...
There were no problem like that with the previous version of Autoit.

I investigated a little bit and i found that excluding the C:\users\<username> folder is the only and unique way to avoid Avast from deleting the files.

We started a topic here, in the international community forum:

And here in the French community forum, with more screenshots about the Avast settings working and not working:

Please can you give a look about what's happening ?
It doesn't matter what you do in your autoit script, just a simple line with a message box and Avast delete the file immediatly when start compiling it...
Here is a screenshot of the quarantine:

The programme i tried to compile contain only 1 line of code:

At this moment the only solution is to exclude all the username folder, that's not a good solution.

Please help us.
Thank you very much.