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Title: AAARRRGGHHHH! CHR*ME!!!XXXX.XXXX.XXX.XXX(etc)(footprint = ?GBs now?)
Post by: al2 on March 08, 2014, 03:00:39 PM
Generally apart from screwing over 'my' XPs system restore w/o out ever another solution I've discovered except for not using Avast ;) -(until I gave its own, approaching 1GB ,partition- shows just what i think of it in general + my history with it - at least since Alwil Avast 4 @ 127mb!!!!!  from an old ATI image + yes i was a CLUESLLESS newbie who PAID SYM*NTEC to rape him of cash each YEAR of use(DOA when i find out about free AVs like Avast) for a product that not only was/is it most INefficient of the free or paid AVs but it ALSO destabilized the most stable of Win OS unfort S*mantec pay through the nose for crApple like widespread PROPAGANDA (endless FAKE reviews) to bait there ignorant victims ) + Avast trying to appeal to everyone(like Youtube  profiles in the past ,like Ebay's facebook profiles now, LIKE Nero post most stable 6 BLOAT) with non specific to the function they're acclaimed for/experienced with  (eg start up entries (based on MS's own GUI MSCONFIG +IE/Firefox addons have easily been  manageable with smaller  foot prints software for donkeys years, in endless Win management software - is yours that uniquely different from it because all the one I've seen are based on MSCONFIG even if some do improve the ease of use/functionality eg tuneup + bloating the size of Avast when AVs are notoriously immense in footprint size already - at least Avast has kept at the top of the quality/efficiency chart for its main function

Unfortunately I'm motivated to mention the annoyance from;

1) Endless Offering "GooGLE" chr*m*XXXXXXX.XXXX you get the nonsense - to the point I've actually LOOKED to see if there's a way to stop those popups w/o effecting the efficiency of Avast, as IF its the only way to protect an unsupported online XP - using Googlian  in YOUR FACE PROPAGANDA (they "coincidentally" deleted my email account with my freedom of speech - dont no how i've coped - now I'll use even less of their services + tell more people how underhand + petty they are they are BUT still  TAME cf what Apple do when there product is that bad ANY other big electronics biz would mass WITHDRAW without question= bastardize beta tester from hell - the Apple luvies do half crApple proganda for them(who uses a Mobile to SPEAK to people - before kids where txting instead of speaking)iPhone3G - CRapple just stay silent + silence/control (ALL in ONE topic its easier to manage (ie control freedom of speech) is what the moderators have been GIVEN to say by   one foot in the grave crApple was ALL Jobs mind after all which  unethically got him a 
contraindicated  liver donation which means he used a bent surgeon+ hospital just like he used his money to get multi properties over numerous states he never even lived at to get ahead on the ladder(the surgeon who claimed(whilst the press remain mute???? over such medical revelation- A CURE FOR CANCER no less) the medically impossible"removing ALL the cancer  from Jobs body  when hindsight proves he didn't +you cant(yet) + why he should never have wasted that liver given the human value of that donation )) in addition to Avast's now default install of chrome ..imagine the number of PC owners finding they run out of space in their C partition + they thought they had Gigs to spare( LMAO ;) - bet google dont give a(health) warning about the size it was well over 0.5GB couple of years ago - dread to imagine what it is now :o -they could, off course, for all I  know have discovered footprint efficiency but perhaps they are still too "inexperienced"  in this software market - they have no shortage of trusting/brainwashed? beta testers).

2) ASSUMING I'm still using IE as my default on XP browser for any significant time.My endless tweaking of my (14+ year but not the original PC thanks to PC mover software)Xp system must have resulted in  an unsolvable fcuked IE8 or any other IE in XP  couple of years back - a bit better now it seems(overworked?). Anyway Win7 main draw to me was IE9 + aesthetics,efficiency + speed never fail to impress (though its difficult to know if its IE or Win7 given their both so interdependent) it kills firefox dead with its looks(yes using the "poor mans" IE9 skin) + relative crash/bug free light cf ugly FF (like "clear" bare + basic as bones Chrome so you have to tweak the thing even more than regular if you care about aesthetics but given you rate basic + clear so, its a good job U won't + i DONT then, aint it ;) ) back to ff tweaking updated beyond belief + its still as bad as ever even on 7 cf IE9 in "MY EXPERIENCE".

Yes I know I'm not using the latest vers of Avast + I'm sure you wouldn't be bothering me to death about your at least not as nefarious as crApple but getting the same rabid barmy "US bible belt" organised religion/cult type following your chums Google  do,if i had Avast9 (yes + as usual for ages now you'll be trying to get us to install ugly DEFAULT bleak (well sorry i cant program software to such levels Chrome needs to be as aesthetic as IE9) + bloated (i couldn't believe the footprint NEVER gets mention - what people will do for speed :shocked: BUT even SSDs when too FULL can slow down - LOL - it make AVs look small FFS - the irony when Chr*me is so MINIMALIST looking - when it was inflicted on a Win7 virtual image trial - its not like you EVEN get to totally remove IE since its a lot of part of the non IE OS) by having its ticked AS DEFAULT on avast install(to make Avast look like it has a SMALL FP - very shrewd- not sure if Google will be pleased :tongue: though). I realise the importance of the problems caused to you by using todays defs with many year old Avast software + how inefficient it understandably makes the package putting the old + new together. But on the other hand I cant be jumping to spend the time  EVERY year(every 2 :-*) to get acquainted with your latest the release given how complicatedly customisable Avast is +  eg Avast the Win8 style was inefficient for the so far unbeatable efficiency of mouse(just like with Win8 - yes you can use a mouse on 8 but MS didnt bother to optimize it originally at LEAST ;)for their next OS AT LEAST they wont do that again -   having to get used to that just to use your latest version - not every year unless problems arise (at least its not as bad cf Firefox updates,  i imagine there's a reason why FF cant they do security patches like IE - i dont think IE10 was worth ever me getting  let alone getting accustomed to as in fact when it was released at least it didn't even match the a style of 7  like IE9 does, not complaining, the gap between IE8 + IE9 was astronomical makes me think how I thought previous IE were functional+aesthetic) I've always held on to an IE until lots of sites stopped being reproduced well enough for time + irritation.
Title: Re: AAARRRGGHHHH! CHR*ME!!!XXXX.XXXX.XXX.XXX(etc)(footprint = ?GBs now?)
Post by: CraigB on March 08, 2014, 03:17:33 PM
By the time I get to the end of one of your paragraphs I've forgotten what you are trying to get across, keeping it short and to the point, makes it so much easier for people to follow.

All the talk of Jobs, Apple and cancer ??? I'm bordering on classing this post as spam to be honest.
Title: Re: AAARRRGGHHHH! CHR*ME!!!XXXX.XXXX.XXX.XXX(etc)(footprint = ?GBs now?)
Post by: schmidthouse on March 08, 2014, 05:45:36 PM
Really didn't get anything of value but sore eyes :o
Title: Re: AAARRRGGHHHH! CHR*ME!!!XXXX.XXXX.XXX.XXX(etc)(footprint = ?GBs now?)
Post by: Para-Noid on March 08, 2014, 06:10:51 PM
Huh?  ???
What?  ???
Title: Re: AAARRRGGHHHH! CHR*ME!!!XXXX.XXXX.XXX.XXX(etc)(footprint = ?GBs now?)
Post by: CraigB on March 08, 2014, 06:19:33 PM
Huh?  ???
What?  ???
Really didn't get anything of value but sore eyes :o
Exactly, complete dribble which is why I wondering if it is just Google Chrome bashing spam :-\
Title: Re: AAARRRGGHHHH! CHR*ME!!!XXXX.XXXX.XXX.XXX(etc)(footprint = ?GBs now?)
Post by: polonus on March 08, 2014, 06:23:31 PM
Hi al2,

Just do not stick with XP then.
Didn't you know XPocalyps is upon us then?
Now while most will move away from the near obsolete soon to be insecure Windows eXPierence Platform,
you cannot stay behind like RipVanWinkle,
while everybody else is moving along next month anyway from XP.
Yes avast! is bundling Google and not IE because that is already on your comp anyway.
But you are free to ignore Google Chrome of course.

Title: Re: AAARRRGGHHHH! CHR*ME!!!XXXX.XXXX.XXX.XXX(etc)(footprint = ?GBs now?)
Post by: schmidthouse on March 08, 2014, 06:26:45 PM
Mmmmm.  ;)