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Title: Script Scanning Issues (IE10)
Post by: REDACTED on June 21, 2014, 06:33:34 AM
I have just updated Avast Antivirus Beta to 2014.9.0.2019, and the script scanning in the Web Shield is causing IE10 to crash. After some debugging, I found out it is causing ntdll.dll to crash. If I turn off the script scanning for IE in the Avast settings (or the Avast Internet Security add-on), then IE starts fine, but if I turn it on and then start IE or open a new tab, then IE crashes.

I'm using Windows 8, by the way.


It wasn't the script scanning that causes the issue. It was the Avast Internet Security add-on that's causing the problem.
It's kinda funny that I never installed Internet Security, just Antivirus. I wonder how did the add-in get in there!