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Title: GUI won't show
Post by: GhoS on July 19, 2005, 04:57:02 AM
I haven't been able to find this problem anywhere on here.
I recently switched from Norton AV to avast!, however avast! is having a problem.  I have made sure that nothing of Norton AV remained before I installed avast.  avast runs just fine in the tray.  I can access everything BUT the main GUI. 
I try to run using the desktop shortcut, the computer thinks for a bit and nothing shows.  I tried it from the system tray icon, and directly from Explorer and nothing.  In fact I get multiple instances of ashAvast.exe in the Task Manager after having tried a couple of times.  So I know its attempting to run, I'm not sure though why it won't show.

I'm guessing at the moment it could be a conflict with one or more Stardock programs of which I use a few, however I am unsure.  I have posted this issue there to see if anyone knows if its the case.
Programs that are running at startup are Kerio PF, Windowblinds, RightClick, CursorXP and HotPopper.  Rightclick and CursorXP are the programs that seem to have had a problem related to installing avast!  Even with this basic beginning the avast GUI won't show.  Windowblinds has a section to ignore applications and I placed avast there with no affect.

So I'm hoping someone has an idea I haven't thought of yet.  I have uninstalled it and reinstalled.  I have tried a system restore as well.  Norton AV ran well enough for me, just can't afford new subscription at this time so figured I'd go free for awhile.  I am running Windows XP SP2.
Any further info not provided that is needed let me know.
Thanks for any and all replies.
Title: Re: GUI won't show
Post by: igor on July 19, 2005, 10:41:04 AM
What happens if you don't start ashAvast.exe (e.g. from the tray icon), but rather ashSimpl.exe (from avast! installation folder), or ashSimp2.exe?
Title: Re: GUI won't show
Post by: GhoS on July 19, 2005, 09:52:52 PM
ah yes I forgot to mention that I also tried running those .exe files directly since I understood them to represent the interface.

I'm wondering if there is something else on my PC interfering with programs opening that avast simply is the next one to do it.  A couple weeks ago I had a similar problem with a couple programs.  Neither Money 05 or Ulead Movie Factory would launch all of a sudden in the same way avast is doing.  It appeared due to a surprise power off my computer had when I lost power at my home (do have a surge protector).  Uninstalling and reinstalling those programs fixed them.  However I don't feel it is a direct connection since I never had avast! on this machine before.

I even tried to launch avast under another user account that is my bare bones account for gaming and it wouldn't show.

It appears to me that this problem is directly tied to something on my machine.  I know a total format and reinstall should fix things.  I just do not wish to consider such a drastic step.  However its something I maybe should start preparing to do.
Title: Re: GUI won't show
Post by: GhoS on July 22, 2005, 04:21:03 AM
Woohoo its working correctly now.   I'm guessing it was a conflict caused by a program I just updated.  Iconpackager may have been at fault.  It was mentioned that it caused problems for some, but the issues mentioned didn't seem to fit mine.
Its only a guess, but fits since that is what I updated.  Even a program from way back that didn't work right off a sudden works again.

I feel stupid blaming avast when it was occuring way before.  Just other programs I had installed still worked fine. 

Anyway glad it isn't avast as it is a fine product.  Thanks igor at least for attempting to help.
Title: Re: GUI won't show
Post by: igor on July 22, 2005, 10:02:42 AM
Thanks for letting us know!