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Title: port forward to SOA panel on system?
Post by: jkco on July 22, 2014, 03:12:57 PM
Hi, i'm the volunteer IT guy for our school, and as such, am completely off site.  I need to be able to access SOA on the remote system.  I have tried port forwarding to 8731 on that system, and the web page comes up just fine, and password dialog as well, but the access then fails after about 15 seconds, with a nastygram dialog:

 at System.ServiceModel.AsyncResult.End[TAsyncResult](IAsyncResult result)
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ServiceChannel.EndCall(String action, Object[] outs, IAsyncResult result)
   at System.ServiceModel.ClientBase`1.ChannelBase`1.EndInvoke(String methodName, Object[] args, IAsyncResult result)
   at Avast.Net.Console.SbcServiceConnectionPoint.SbcConnectionPointServerClient.SbcConnectionPointServerClientChannel.EndLogin(IAsyncResult result)
   at Avast.Net.Console.SbcServiceConnectionPoint.SbcConnectionPointServerClient.Avast.Net.Console.SbcServiceConnectionPoint.ISbcConnectionPointServer.EndLogin(IAsyncResult result)
   at Avast.Net.Console.SbcServiceConnectionPoint.SbcConnectionPointServerClient.OnEndLogin(IAsyncResult result)
   at System.ServiceModel.ClientBase`1.OnAsyncCallCompleted(IAsyncResult result)

Am i missing another port that I need to open?   I really need to be able to do this, to avoid simply taking over that remote desktop.

Title: Re: port forward to SOA panel on system?
Post by: nazer on July 23, 2014, 04:38:44 PM

Try to open the SOA console using ip address (http://ipadress:8731)
Also try on different browsers
Title: Re: port forward to SOA panel on system?
Post by: jkco on July 23, 2014, 05:54:09 PM
what i need to do is http://remotesystem:forwardport/

forward port is 18731 => 8731 on the destination system
SOA screen comes up fine in both IE & chrome.  Login prompt given.  I enter username & password, and the login times out with the error shown.