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Title: Avast plugins keep disappearing from Chrome
Post by: hoshis on August 16, 2014, 08:52:36 PM
Everytime I start my Google Chrome, it tells me that there is a new third party plugin available (Avast Online Security and Avast Safe Price) and it asks me if I want to enable or uninstall it. No mather what I choose, the next time I start Chrome there are no Avast plugins installed and it asks me again, if I want to enable or unistall it...
I have already tried to install the plugins directly from the Chrome Web Store - the installation is successfull and the plugins are there, but when I restart Chrome they are gone.
When I uninstall Avast Prime from my computer the Avast plugins are there and enabled when I start Chrome and everything is fine - except that I had to uninstall my virus protection  :-[

I have no problems with other Chrome plugins.

What can I do?