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Title: Backup not recognising my phone
Post by: luna2012 on March 25, 2015, 10:00:23 PM
I needed to do a factory reset on my phone as it was playing up but when I reinstalled the Avast Mobile Backup app and connected to my avast account it seems to think it is a new phone and it has archived all the information I had backed up as if it is an old phone which it says is no longer connected to the account - even though it has recognised the same phone as connected to the account it has just given it a new name - it shows the IMEI numbers as being the same.
Please help, I can't get any of my contacts back like this. :-[

Well not to worry - I tried restoring the data to the phone it said was no longer connected and even though it said it couldn't contact the device, miraculously all the contacts and calls started to appear on the phone!!
I'm still none the wiser but I do have my info back!!