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Title: Avast has overwritten security certificates TODAY in Mozilla Thunderbird
Post by: teachermac on August 27, 2015, 12:18:24 AM
Thunderbird is running on a W7 VM Hosted by W7.

50 email accounts including GoDaddy's Workspace (secureserver.net), Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo.co, AIM.com, mail.com and Outlook.com - Add Security Exception - You are about to override how Thunderbird identifies this site - Unknown Identity - Certificate is not to be trusted, because it hasn't been verified by a recognized authority using a secure signature.

Windows has been restarted several times and the notices pop-up immediately.

No information available for aol.com accounts
No information available for outlook.com accounts
No information available for mail.com accounts
No information available for yahoo.com accounts
No information available for pop3.live.com accounts

GoDaddy's smtpout.secureserver.net:465 (Workspace) - This site attempts to identify itself with invalid information - Of course, it was issued by Avast!

Google's Googlemail

Certificate Viewer:"imap.googlemail.com"

Could not verify this certificate because the issuer is unknown.

Issued To
Common Name (CN):     imap.googlemail.com
Organization (O)           Google Inc
Organization Unit (OU) <Not Part Of Certificate>
Serial Number              6E:A8:82:B2:27:EF:BA:48:BB:AE:5F:6E:27:06:38:6A

Issued By
Common Name (CN):     avast! Web/Mail Shield Root
Organization (O)           avast!Web/Mail Shield
Organization Unit (OU) generated by avast! antivirus for SSL/TLS scanning

Period of Validity
Begins On                     8/12/2015
Expires On                    11/9/2015

SHA1 Fingerprint           F4:10:02:5F:23:58:89:5E:D4:99:F4:26:A8:AF:8D:79:94:2D:68:0C
MD5 Fingerprint            23:97:F4:57:50:42:D9:00:D8:91:84:AA:9F:FC:E6:7D

Turning off "Mail Shield" eliminated this serious issue!

Hope this helps others.