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Title: Auto renewal-no thanks
Post by: REDACTED on November 09, 2015, 03:37:43 AM
A year ago I bought Grimefighter, it would never work on my system.  Submitted a ticket for a refund, got all sorts of promises and the run around  (for that Grimefighter travesty) until I got sick of dealing with it.  Wrote off the thirty bucks, uninstalled Avast completely and switched to another product I am happy with.  Yesterday I get an email telling me it's going to auto renew, (Grimefighter, it has a new name now, but I imagine it's just as broken) after I closed out my account with Avast and stopped all auto renewals.
 I went to the link from the email and turned off auto renewal for this mess, again.  I can't find any way to remove my credit card information, as I will never deal with this company again.  If I have to, I guess I can contact my bank and have my number changed, as I have lost all the trust I used to have in Avast.
Title: Re: Auto renewal-no thanks
Post by: Eddy on November 09, 2015, 05:09:54 AM
Avast cleanup works entirely different from Grimefighter.
Grimefighter was running on Linux, avast cleanup is using windows.

It seems to me you where not entitled to a refund since avast never has made any problem refunding if someone was entitled to it.

If you want your data to be removed completely, you will need to ask through a ticket.