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Title: False/misleading information (?)
Post by: Eddy on February 29, 2016, 11:59:36 PM
We do not store your Main Password locally or on any server, to ensure your privacy. This means that if you forget your main password, unfortunately there is no way to recover or reset it.
Let's say I do this:
- I install avast passwords and configure it to my needs
- I shutdown my system
- I boot my system
If the main password is not stored anywhere (besides in my brain) then how does the tool know what the main password is?

No way to recover or reset it ?
That would mean that if I forget my main password I never ever can use the tool again.
If this is correct, it means you buy a license, install and setup the tool.
One day later you can't remember the main password.
Ouch, you paid for 1 year and was only able to use it 1 day.
Title: Re: False/misleading information (?)
Post by: polonus on March 01, 2016, 12:08:50 AM
Some questions there.....