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Title: "Ask when available" notices
Post by: MikeBCda on November 29, 2003, 08:35:39 PM
Hi all,

This has likely been covered somewhere else here, but I'm (a) newly registered and (b) too old and lazy to search.  :)

I'm using the 4-Home with (I believe) all updates, and recently changed my update settings (both program and database) from manual to ask-when-available, which gives that popup notice if an update is available.

Is there any way of adjusting how long that pop-up stays up, or better yet of saving it?  If I'm in the middle of something else at the time, the popup's gone by the time I can do anything, and usually I can't even remember whether it referred to the program or the database.

Oh, and if it's relevant, I'm on Win XP(Home) and IE-6, both with all updates, and no firewall or popup-stoppers.

Thanks and best,
Title: Re:"Ask when available" notices
Post by: Vlk on November 29, 2003, 11:01:11 PM
Dear Mike,

I'm quite surprised that you're saying that you "changed your update settings (both program and database) from manual to ask-when-available" as the defaults really are:

- virus database (VPS) update - automatic
- program update - ask-when-available.

That's probably the optimal setting for most of the users.

However, to answer your questions, unfortunately it's currently not possible to customize the time period that the popup stays up (15 seconds) but the fact is that reappers every time it tries to update, e.g. every 4 hours in case of the VPS and every 12 hours in case of the program. I.e., even if you miss it, it will soon appear again. AND, if you want, you can try to manually start the update by right-clicking the avast tray icon and selecting the appropriate option.

It's worth noting that program update always includes the VPS update (i.e. if both new program and VPS updates are available, and you'd like to apply both, you only need to do the program update, the VPS will by updates automatically).

Hope this helps,
Title: Re:"Ask when available" notices
Post by: MikeBCda on November 30, 2003, 01:02:05 AM
Much obliged - your update-setup recommendations sound good, since the database update is usually pretty quick anyway, so I might as well change to auto on that one.  I'd normally checked the database manually a couple of times a week anyway, so at worst might have missed every third one.

I was already aware that program updates also did the database in the process, but wasn't aware how often program upgrades had been released other than by keeping an eye on the "News".  So that end of it definitely needed changed over from manual to at least ask-when-available, since the last time I did the program upgrade manually the result was quite a few sub-versions higher than I'd had.

Thanks again, and best,