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Title: Social Media Security & Badges removal
Post by: lukas.hasik on March 14, 2016, 09:29:37 PM
I’d like to announce that we will remove two features from the my.avast.com portal: Social Media Security and the unfinished system of Ranking & Badges.

Because of recent changes in the Facebook API, we can no longer provide the threat intelligence related to many of your posts. Since it doesn’t make sense to provide an incomplete service, we’ve decided to shut the current implementation down. It’s possible we’ll come up with a different implementation of Social Media Security in the future.

Regarding the system of Ranking & Badges for using Avast applications & features - it was never fully developed to provide a variety of rewards beyond the free licenses. And because we’re currently focusing on different priorities, we’ve decided to remove the unfinished badges and ranking and keep the system of recommendations. The possibility for getting free licenses for spreading Avast will thus be left intact. We appreciate the efforts you have put in over the past few years, and we look forward to introducing an improved version later this year. We will keep you informed.