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Title: Now Incoming mail giving problems!
Post by: Walker on December 01, 2003, 12:24:02 PM
Avast team.

I'm finding that Avast updates affect the reliability of sending/recieving mail through Pegasus. One update and mail will fly as usual, the next update might slow everything down and/or cause other problems and on it goes.

I've removed the 'outgoing' mail scan for some time now, because it is one less problem to try to resolve, but to-day I noticed something that points the finger at Avast with 'incoming' mail. .. ie I have multiple e-mail accounts and when one or more fails (usually with a username/p'word error) it is one the one/ones that the Avast 'cop car (blue light)' doesn't appear in the taskbar. I guess that Avast isn't always picking these accounts up as going through the localhost.

Any ideas please.