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Title: Antispam protection is not putting spam mails in junk folder
Post by: buramario on September 08, 2016, 06:04:19 AM
We are running EPSP on our workstations and server. We have problem that all spam mails which are detected and labeled as a SPAM on Exchange are not going in junk folder in Outlook when Outlook is not running. But as soon as Outlook is up and running on workstation spam goes in junk mail. So it is obviously that neither EPSP on workstations neither on server is working OK.

We are running Exchange 2013 CU12 and Server 2012R2, on workstation Win 10 and Outlook 2007. EPSP is lattes version, v8.0.0167

This is quite annoying as we have to have our workstations together with Outlook working all time.