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Title: Avast Clear
Post by: allansusan2 on June 15, 2017, 05:37:48 AM
Good Day; i have recently found out that under  Windows 10 in the recovery section that; and i quote
"Avast Anti Virus Clear Uninstall"  This is not the first time that this has happened.  The only way that I could get rid of this is format my SSHD.  Why did this happen after uninstalling Avast software?  It looks like when one uninstalls; it left it in safe mode and an extra hidden drive that I knew nothing about.  If you caan help; please email  alllansusan2@comcast.net.  I await the courtesy of your reply.

Title: Re: Avast Clear
Post by: Eddy on June 15, 2017, 08:31:05 AM
We do not send emails.
You better remove it from your post as bad guys will harvest and abuse it.

Are you using the BETA version ?
Title: Re: Avast Clear
Post by: Alikhan on June 16, 2017, 12:00:41 AM
There is no need to format the HDD.

This has nothing to do with the Avast installation but rather a little known bug which happens sometimes with avastclear.

What the OP is saying is, when he/she boots the PC up, there is a dialog to choose the operating system or Avastclear. They get the choice of Windows 10 or Avastclear which shouldn't happen since he's already ran Avastclear. This bug happens sometimes.

In order to fix this:

You need to open up "System Configuration" > type "msconfig" from Run or Cortana option. Then go the "Boot" tab.

Avast Clear Uninstall Utility or similar will be listed, click it and select the delete option.

Then click "Apply" and "Ok" and the issue will be resolved.

You may be requested to reboot so ensure you do if required.