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Title: Avast crashes when disabling all Smart Scan options.
Post by: avastusr2 on November 09, 2017, 02:33:46 PM
First of all, I'm really angry about what happened to me.
I lost 2 days due to a bug in Avast AV which caused a series of other errors on my computer while trying to reinstall it. (Reinstalling Avast caused Comodo Firewall (only the Firewall! nothing else might-be-conflicting activated) being unable to start on boot and crashes. the error was so deep in the system and there was no way to fix the issue until reinstalling the whole OS.

But the origin of the problem in my case was within Avast. It all started because I heard my harddrive suddenly work without any reason. I quickly figured out it was avast scanning some directories. I headed towards the options to search for a scheduler for scan tasks, but there was no scheduler.

The only thing that could have been scanning around periodically must have been the "Smart-Scan", with the options "Scan for sensible data" and "Scan for Viruses", which both were enabled.

so i simply disabled them by sliding the slider to the left, then hit OK. So all Smart-Scan options should have been disabled.
But then when I try to launch the Avast UI from the systray icon with a double click, the UI pops up for a second and then the whole Avast Program just crashes without any errors. It is just gone, from system memory and from systray.
I tried to restart the avast program, but the same happens again and again..

Obviously choosing to disable all Smart-Scan options caused the Program to crash (WTF !) and because I could not open the UI anymore I was also unable to activate the Smart-Scan options again!
I saw now other option than reinstalling Avast AV... and this led to a 2 days journey of reinstalling the whole OS. Thank you for that.

I only registered to write this story down here, so this bug gets hopefully fixed quickly and that noone else has to go through the same misery.

PS: OS: Win7x64, Avast: latest public version.