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Title: [FIXED] Bug in 13.0 Avast Security Pro Activation
Post by: lukas.hasik on November 11, 2017, 01:37:55 PM
FIXED - we just release update 13.1 that is fixing this issue. No other changes to 13.0.
Existing users of 13.0 will update automatically (or go to Preferences > Updates > Update Now). If you purchased the product then it should activate Pro edition within next 48 hours.

If you purchased Avast Security Pro and were not able to activate the product then we'd like you to know that it's a BUG not a feature! We are really sorry about this. Fix should be rolled out soon.

What is the issue?
We tested very carefully the new release of 13.0 that introduced premium version of our antivirus for Mac. Features were tested on all supported platforms. Purchase flows were tested in various conditions. But all the testing was done inside of Avast's intranet. Unfortunately, the version 13.0 cannot activate when user is outside of the avast's network because the activation server isn't accessible. The fix is simple but requires to be tested properly to avoid any other issues.

We are really sorry for this inconvenience. There are tens of users affected now because the upgrade to premium version is available only in new installs of Avast Security. Fortunately, we haven't started upgrading existing users to version 13.0  yet.

What should I do if I purchased the Pro already?
Please wait for the update 13.1 that should be released soon(Monday). It will fix the activation issue for good. And your product will activate within next 24 hours after update automatically. We'll contact you to make sure that the issue has been resolved.