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Title: Win32:Small-SK [Trj
Post by: gate1975mlm on May 17, 2006, 10:13:12 PM

When I goto this site Avast tell meĀ  there is a Trojan Horse called Win32:Small-SK [Trj] at that site. and it will not let me open the page. Is this really a virus?
Title: Re: Win32:Small-SK [Trj
Post by: DavidR on May 17, 2006, 10:37:09 PM
Firstly please modify your url link so it isn't clickable (using spaces to break it up) as in the ones I have posted
Well a DrWeb check of the http :// anixivia.noredirects.com/up/for/ptb/index.html appears to be OK.

However, it also redirects to a porn site and forces full screen view so I wouldn't have any confidence in it, although avast didn't alarm on my browser firefox. So there may be an activeX object trying to do something objectionable that obviously doesn't work with firefox.

So there appears to be two redirects going on the first from anonym.to sending to http :// anixivia.noredirects.com/up/for/ptb/index.html which then redirects to http :// porncouk.com/, so with all of this I wouldn't touch it with a big stick. Great to have a redirect from a domain name like noredirects.com.