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Title: Problems with new Avast installation
Post by: deanobrad on February 23, 2018, 07:16:13 PM

I noticed my Avast Free that I had running without any issues for ages was no longer updating the definitions automatically. Tried updating them manually and the program build but error was coming up not enough "space" to complete task. After some research decided to uninstall old build and install latest build of Avast Free (18.1.2326).
Uninstall didn't uninstall cleanly. Had to download Avast Clear and run in safemode. Eventually after 3 reboots was able to get the new install done.

Using Windows XP SP3
Now there are two issues outstanding;

1. The new build I registered is saying it will expire in one month. I hope I haven't got to do this every month?

2. My email (Hotmail via Windows Live) is now displaying rejection of the password at the serve end and blowing connection out. I can log in to Email no problem via Web browser on this machine and another machine / mobile.

Please help..I have spent the past 5 hours on this and this whole scenario has only happened since I was coerced in to to upgrading to the new build. Not a happy bunny.

Title: Re: Problems with new Avast installation
Post by: bob3160 on February 23, 2018, 07:28:42 PM
Try a clean install.
Clean Install of Avast:
https://goo.gl/4Ptzkf (https://goo.gl/4Ptzkf)
Title: Re: Problems with new Avast installation
Post by: b112keg on February 25, 2018, 11:26:17 AM
I am also having problems with the new version 18.1.2326. Read my post," after 20+ hours still only 44% done, this was after a re-install ".

I think maybe we both are having problems cause the OS is the old Vista. Right now I've had it scaning for  30+ hrs and its only 86% done. Today I ran the same version on my notebook w/windows 8 and it took around 2 hours.

Like you I've used Free Avast for over a year with no problems so I do not think the latest version is compatible with Vista.