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Title: Problem solved! - Cleanup keeps trying loading, impossible to buy it!
Post by: isabeau777 on June 14, 2018, 02:06:55 AM
Hello everyone!  :)
I am using Avast since so many years. I have always been happy with it. But this year, i have problems.
I saw a post similar to mine but no answer for my problem so i create this one. If it's not the good place, tell me.

I received a good offer from Avast, into the Avast Premium app, to renew my subscription to Avast Cleanup. I didn't want it another year because of my money problems. But at that price, i can take it.

I enter my personnal infos, then i chose to pay with Paypal. But then, i get that loading gif showing that it trys loading and loading... (blue rotating circle).

I've restarted my laptop a lot of times, but no difference. I have no problems with my internet connection; all my other apps are connecting, and chek-ups show that my internet is fast.  My licenses are valid.

So it's impossible to buy it!
How do I fix it?