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Title: IDS alert for Blockchain and PHISHING on website with outdated CMS!
Post by: polonus on June 22, 2018, 04:40:16 PM
See: https://aw-snap.info/file-viewer/?protocol=not-secure&tgt=www.erm-siesing.de%2F&ref_sel=GSP2&ua_sel=ff&fs=1
Detected on domain scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/domain/www.erm-siesing.de/
also see: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/1ed7ab6dc9a768353bc6733d6eec362bd12951b98bb7d90b16663deec43eebb9/details
on IP: https://checkphish.ai/ip/
See: https://urlquery.net/report/0fc9ef3a-12f2-4341-be5d-34e0e902215e
1 vulnerable jQuery library detected: https://retire.insecurity.today/#!/scan/2416fe520e9e05350da9685cfe6cac9b1d79d7a385015253ed0b037bf234ccaf
Outdated CMS: WordPress Version 4.9.3
Version does not appear to be latest 4.9.6 - update now.

WordPress Plugins

The following plugins were detected by reading the HTML source of the WordPress sites front page.

cf7-customizer   latest release (1.1.1)
wordpress-seo   latest release (7.6.1)
contact-form-7   latest release (5.0.2)
popup-builder   latest release (
Plugins are a source of many security vulnerabilities within WordPress installations, always keep them updated to the latest version available and check the developers plugin page for information about security related updates and fixes.

There are likely more plugins installed than those listed here as the detection method used here is passive. While these results give an indication of the status of plugin updates, a more comprehensive assessment should be undertaken by brute forcing the plugin paths using a dedicated tool.

Warning  User Enumeration is possible

The first two user ID's were tested to determine if user enumeration is possible.

ID   User   Login
1   None   wp_sies
2   None   gfasiesing
It is recommended to rename the admin user account to reduce the chance of brute force attacks occurring. As this will reduce the chance of automated password attackers gaining access. However it is important to understand that if the author archives are enabled it is usually possible to enumerate all users within a WordPress installation.

Results from scanning URL: -http://www.erm-siesing.de/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/accordions-3.1.21/assets/frontend/js/scripts.js?ver=4.9.3
Number of sources found: 41
Number of sinks found: 17
Detected there with unpacker:
     status: (referer )saved 667 bytes e8d4a04f56c61e92f066964697d2978245069356
     info: [decodingLevel=0] found JavaScript
     error: undefined variable jQuery
     error: undefined function jQuery
     file: e8d4a04f56c61e92f066964697d2978245069356: 667 bytes

polonus (volunteer 3rd party cold reconnaissance website security analyst and website error-hunter)