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Title: Avast Security is available for your iPhone
Post by: SpeedyPC on December 02, 2018, 05:48:53 AM
Avast Security for iSO is available through Apple App Store from your iPhone, if you already have your SecureLine VPN installed on your iPhone and already owned a licence for SecureLine.

Trouble is when you installed Avast Security on your iPhone you can’t add your SecureLine licence manually towards your Avast Security iSO, there’s is no option available to add your SecureLine licence to turn on the VPN. You have to buy the Avast Security iSO Pro directly from the software, to paid the licence from Apple App Store payment directly from your Apple ID account to turn on the VPN directly from Avast Security iSO from your iPhone.

You can only add your SecureLine VPN licence towards your Avast Security iSO directly from your my Avast account online, you cannot manually add your SecureLine licence.

If you want to include Avast Security iSO on your iPhone, don’t forget to uninstall your SecureLine VPN from your iPhone first.