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Title: Need My Computer Checked for Malware [CLOSED]
Post by: Chim on February 21, 2019, 04:31:58 PM
I have a Dell Optiplex 780 with Windows XP Pro SP3.  I have avast 12.3.2280.  I have that version because that is the last / highest version that works on my computer.  I am using Maxthon MX5 and NetZero Dial Up.

On and off since back around November / December 2018 my computer has acted up.  The main symptom is that suddenly, while my NetZero IS connected to the Net, I just cannot bring up any websites.  I'll just get the error that would typically get displayed when not connected to the Net ... but, I AM connected.

At the bottom of my Maxthon MX5 browser it'll just keep saying "Resolving Host."

On the Task Manager, when avast is updating the Virus Definitions, instead of the instup task indicating around 100,000 plus Mem Usage like normal ... it'll instead indicate around 30,000 or so and take a lot longer to update.

Sometimes also the Dell Blue Progress Bar at bootup takes way longer to complete and disappear.  And there'll be an indication of "Keyboard not recognized."  And System Restore will cease to work.

I'll also sometimes get an Access Error when accessing my PortableApps.com platform on my flash drive.

Bottom line ... eventually, in one way or another, after arduous troubleshooting and work, the problem will usually be made to go away by avast being reinstalled.  So, it's almost as if avast keeps mysteriously breaking after a while.

I ran MBAM and 0 threats were detected.  SAS has never found anything either.  avast scans have also never found anything either.

I have attached the required files for a check with Farbar.
Title: Re: Need My Computer Checked for Malware
Post by: Chim on February 22, 2019, 07:04:09 PM
Never mind.  I'm sensing the queue is probably very long.
So remove me from the queue.