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Title: Behaviour shield
Post by: nigel.burn on February 25, 2019, 12:34:55 AM
Help since the latest windows 10 update my behaviour shied is off every time I restart my Toshiba laptop, there is no tick box to make it stay on so before I delete Avast which I've had for years so I really don't want to delete Avast so how do I get help from Avast as I'm finding it near to impossible so if anyone can help please message me, many thanks

Kind Regards

Title: Re: Behaviour shield
Post by: bob3160 on February 25, 2019, 12:54:49 AM

Repair & Clean Install of Avast https://goo.gl/t7aJGq
Repair Avast:
Open the Avast User Interface > Menu > Settings > Troubleshooting > Repair App. > Restart the Computer or,
Control Panel> Program and Features (Add/remove program)>Select Avast> Select Repair. Reboot when completed

If Repair doesn't fix the problem, try the following:
If your Avast settings are not the default settings and you want them restored after the Clean Install, follow this before removing Avast.
Clean Install of Avast:
If you need additional help with the Clean Install, watch this: