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Title: new computer transfer of service
Post by: dunkinidaho on May 20, 2019, 03:49:22 PM
I have a new desktop and shut down the old one. I have 2 subscriptions. One for a laptop and one for the desktop. they are on different days that is they expire on different days and years. I need to transfer the subscription on the old desktop to the new desktop. I don't know which account is for which computer. How is this craziness sorted out
Title: Re: new computer transfer of service
Post by: mchain on May 20, 2019, 09:41:10 PM
Did you uninstall avast from the old desktop first before shutting it down?  Avast would know you did that if you were connected to the internet when you did so, and thus free up that license for use on your new system. 

We're assuming you've single-use licenses for both the laptop and the old desktop, hence the need to free up the single-use license currently in use in the old desktop so you can use it in the new one.

The old desktop should have the license number recorded in Menu>Settings>My licenses, if you did not uninstall already. 

That knowledge will help you determine what license is which for what system.  You can also get a current copy of that license provided you've already registered at https://my.avast.com/ (https://my.avast.com/) using the email address you used to register your licenses with.  You can also have avast resend your license if you don't have a copy on hand:  https://www.avast.com/resend-license-paid.php (https://www.avast.com/resend-license-paid.php)

To reiterate:
Hope this helps.
Title: Re: new computer transfer of service
Post by: bob3160 on May 20, 2019, 10:01:38 PM
You need to remove the old computer from the my.avast.com portal.
Once that's done, you can add the new computer.