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Title: Release history with notes (2019)
Post by: slavo.benko on July 10, 2019, 11:58:46 PM





What's NEW:
- File Shield is now running sanboxed for higher security (aswEngSrv.exe process)
- We're migrating all our SafeZone users to the new Avast Secure Browser

What we FIXED:
- AvLaunch won't show up twice in the Startup menu anymore
- HTTPS scanning now works with the latest versions of Firefox
- We'll now link you to a specific help article when Wi-Fi Inspector finds a vulnerability


What's NEW:
- We’ve set our VPN free - SecureLine VPN is no longer attached to your antivirus. It’s now a separate product
- A safer UEFI - Anti-rootkit scan now protects your UEFI (unified extensible firmware interface)

What we FIXED:
- When installing Avast Ultimate, all products in the bundle will be installed in one go
- Fixed our boot-time scan
- Made sure our UI loads correctly ("white UI" problem)
- Fixed a bug for our users in Russia where Passive Mode sometimes turned on for no reason


What's NEW:
- Custom love - We’ve updated the look of our Custom Scans screen
- Geek-ster egg - We’ve hidden some new advanced settings for our geek fans — just search for ‘geek:area’ in your settings

What we FIXED:
- Improved the syncing speed of our tray icon
- Made our Outlook plugin work again on x64 systems running x86 Outlook
- Thawed out an annoying UI freeze some of you were experiencing


What's NEW:
- Simplicity! We’ve simplified our settings screens and even added direct links from our feature screens to their settings
- Search! We’ve added a search bar to our settings to make it easier to find what you need
- Speed! Users of 64-bit Windows should now see faster PC startup and scan times
- Automagic! After purchasing another Avast product from within your antivirus, the new product will now be installed and activated automatically — no activation code needed
- Security! Our Firewall’s network detection is now better than ever

What we FIXED:
- Firewall now runs properly (without a PC restart) for those who’ve upgraded from Avast Free Antivirus
- Boot-time scan results can now be found in your scan history
- Fixed improper arrangement in our Web Shield detection (threat type and URL were switched)
- Your settings can now be backed up and restored again