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Title: Away from the hub
Post by: dursse3 on August 24, 2019, 08:25:58 PM
When traveling away from the hub, I still get a notice on phone "vpn is activated by Omni." I assume vpn does not work away from the hub unless you pay for it. I think that notice should be taken away when leaving range of the hub.
Title: Re: Away from the hub
Post by: Michal Janis on August 26, 2019, 10:47:18 PM
The phone in question is running Android and has Omni - Family Member installed on it and paired, is that correct?

VPN is such case is running constantly - whether your phone is connected to your home WiFi or on-the-go. This is indicated with a notification like this one: (https://i.ibb.co/kgzTwqk/vpn.jpg)

Unlike with regular VPNs (e.g. Avast SecureLine), its purpose is not hiding your IP or spoof your location, but to provide parental control features (Content filters, Downtime, Pausing internet) as well as security features (Web Shield in particular) for your child's device. So Omni VPN is especially important when your phone with Family Member app is connecting to a network not protected by Omni hub - without it these features would not work.