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Title: Official APK download link PLEASE?!
Post by: Alex922 on August 27, 2019, 02:45:00 PM
I cannot believe I am actually having to make this post, but there is nothing on your website and nothing in search results about it.

Where is the apk installer for avast?!! Do I really have to risk going to a 3rd party site? What kind of insane useless website doesn't actually list an apk download link for their own app?!!

How hard is it to just put a link to the apk download next to the normal google play link? Even if you dont host the apk, you can still link to an officially approved 3rd party site like download.com if thats where it is (I shall have to check there next). But regardless, on principle, it is insane that you do not link to it.

This is a security risk as people who cannot download through google play for whatever are forced to risk using 3rd party sites as a download source. I'm sure some clown thought it's a security risk to install apks therefore we should only provide a google play download link. The unbelievable irony of stupid people increasingly defies belief! (along with the number of stupid people out there). You have no idea the precious time to rob from peoples lives with your mind blowing utter ignorance!

For the benefit of anyone who actually cant think why downloading from google play is actually MORE of a security risk in some cases I will tell you. I am having to use wifi due to losing phone in a foreign country. I am trying to install avast on a new phone. I can't risk entering my password to google account over public wifi therefore I need to use a vpn over the wifi, which means I need to install the avast app first to use the vpn before i can access google play!

Let this be a lesson to all the short sighted people out there who design websites and systems in such a simplistic way, "because it suits most people" or "because google play is more secure". That is such destructive reasoning and just the kind of warped logic that causes so much trouble in society. You can cater to the dumb majority and the minority who need to do thinks a different way at the same time. Just provide a smaller apk link underneath the main google link.

Now for the love of god, please provide an avast.com link where I can actually download this apk. If I get no response in 10 mins I will have no choice but to use a 3rd party site, and if that causes a security problem it will be your fault avast for imploying such insecure systems and methods and for putting my security at risk in the name of increased security! However please do still reply after this time for future reference or for the benefit of any other poor soul who finds themselves a victim of this stupidity in the future. Also if there is someone with any sense at avast, please fire the clot who designed things this way or give them a thorough lecture. As a paying customer I shouldn't have to put up with this nonsense.

Oh and fire whoever chose your verifcation captcha below. I have wasted another 10 mins tying in characters over and over again that are almost utterly unreadable (assuming I manage it and you ever get to read this). When you can't sort basic things like this, you risk loss of faith in your general brand.

Thank You
Title: Re: Official APK download link PLEASE?!
Post by: bob3160 on August 27, 2019, 03:15:05 PM
Caiaphas are difficult to keep out the spammers.
Title: Re: Official APK download link PLEASE?!
Post by: Alex922 on August 27, 2019, 04:06:26 PM
I understand the reasons for the captchas but user experience is more important. There is a balance to be struck between security and usability, and the balance on this captcha is wrong and not in line with most websites. If a few more spammers come on because it is a bit easier, then that is tough. Just delete the spam or live with it. I'd rather live with a bit of spam here and there than stupid annoying captchas causing stress. This is most likely a company putting profit before user experience because the fear spam would cost too much to deal with. Same old nonsense. Blockchain is going to destroy this mentality once and for all hopefully, so companies with this mentality better adapt or die! But in the mean time people need to stand up to crap from companies more, instead of just sitting and taking it, which causes more stress for others.
Title: Re: Official APK download link PLEASE?!
Post by: bob3160 on August 27, 2019, 04:09:13 PM
I simply gave you the reason. I passed the 3 post rule a long time ago and am still not stressed.