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Title: AVAST Browser addons and Adblocker
Post by: wangolo on January 31, 2020, 12:02:54 PM
I used avast many years ago, and many things have changed rapidly,  Recently I realized that some antivirus like Kaspersky have the ability to block adblockers and anti-trackers from browsers.  I was testing my new method of bypassing adblockers at
https://www.nmmapper.com  (https://www.nmmapper.com) and it worked but I realized that when I logged in on a computer with Kaspersky installed, no ads where displayed, the browser showed Kaspersky  certificate installed, so i guessed it's blocking ads.

Kaspersky  had installed Addons to all my browsers.

So does avast have the same capabilities?
Title: Re: AVAST Browser addons and Adblocker
Post by: polonus on January 31, 2020, 04:35:04 PM
See: This website is insecure.
100% of the trackers on this site could be protecting you from NSA snooping. Tell newtab to fix it.

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 Tracking IDs do not support secure transmission.

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