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Title: Should these expired sites being blocked to avoid their (ab)use by Blackhat SEO?
Post by: polonus on April 11, 2020, 03:46:28 PM
A list found here from Dec. last: -https://dropshipbiz.co/  also see here: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/get-rain-of-expired-domains-tf-5-14-da-5-10-weekly-daily-updates.1186874/#post-12722178

Example https://www.netcraft.com/search/?q=netmatchcontact.com
The blackhat comment: "Those domains are not spam free and they have to be checked before you execute any project on them. You can follow this guide and learn how to check if the domain is good / bad for work. Those are scraped with my own proxies".
See: https://www.gewis.nl/career/company/netmatch -> https://aw-snap.info/file-viewer/?protocol=secure&ref_sel=GSP2&ua_sel=ff&chk-cache=&fs=1&tgt=d3d3Lmd7d1tzLm5sYF58fXt7fWBeXW1wfG55YG57dG18dF5o~enc

Abuse via influencers, sharing social media buttons, battlefield bypass (changing a historical site into a casino-site for instance);
Word Press themes, operation Google domination (abuse highly competitive terms); stat counter manipulation.

Such clever d*ckies try to use every trick out of and beyond the book. We should block their grab-gain theater a.s.a.p.

polonus (volunteer 3rd party cold recon website security analyst and website error-hunter)