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Title: New beta version 20.6.3134
Post by: jan.svoboda on July 28, 2020, 12:42:19 PM
Hi everyone,

I`m glad to announce that new beta version is ready - 20.6.3134 (build 20.6.5491)

What was fixed
Fixed handle leak

Known issues
Instup.exe and Icarus.exe generating a lot of FW rules and asking for permission

Download links

Download links
Avg Free https://bits.avcdn.net/productfamily_ANTIVIRUS/insttype_FREE/platform_WIN_AVG/installertype_ONLINE/build_BETA
Avg Internet Security https://bits.avcdn.net/productfamily_ANTIVIRUS/insttype_IS/platform_WIN_AVG/installertype_ONLINE/build_BETA

Enjoy this beta!
We are looking forward to your feedback.