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Title: On Premise Console 7.29 Issues
Post by: mschedler1 on July 29, 2020, 05:25:20 PM
I waited nearly a month for this upgrade to show as "ready to install" (version check still said 7.16 was newest version). I had to install manually... giving up on that for now.

All devices with "Default" Policy suddenly needed to reboot immediately after... although some changed back to "OK" right after someone logged in or out of the device (workstation/server)... very weird. Duplicated the Default policy and assigned that to all devices/groups that were set as Default... reboot recommendation went away... sigh.

IP Address column (not shown by default) no longer works (I'm pretty sure it used to with 7.16). IP shows nothing and if I click on it to sort by IP Address (it was by accident but still...) I get a big yellow box saying "Server Error".

New console won't allow me to change a device's POLICY to "Use Group Policy"... when I select "Use Group Policy:XXXX", the "Chang Policy" button greys out and can't be clicked. I can change it to any Policy directly but I'd REALLY like to restore the device to the GROUP Policy... GRRR.... attaching snap.
Title: Re: On Premise Console 7.29 Issues
Post by: mschedler1 on July 31, 2020, 06:34:24 PM
I found another issue. For some reason (seemingly random), one of my Windows Server devices was duplicated in the console. It appears in the console as a separate device with the same IP Address and Windows name (etc.) but it has the Default policy and there are some missing roles and what not. It's also counting it as two separate licenses (since I don't have an extra one it shows as expired).

This machine did have Avast re-installed... twice... and in fact was a machine I had trouble with before where the "Avast Agent" refused to upgrade for several months (running the installer seemed to fix it but now this... related maybe? dunno).

I do have support looking into it... they may have a procedure for me to re-set some things and re-register it... failing that I'll have to remove and re-install Avast (for the third time on this device... sigh).