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Title: Cisco incompatibility
Post by: Bridget17 on January 05, 2021, 07:01:32 PM
Avast frequently pops up a notification to tell me that it is not compatible with Cisco AnyConnect. I barely use AnyConnect, except on a very rare occasion because of a client I work with.

Regardless, this notification pops up at very inconvenient times and obscures windows I am in. I can't figure out how to make it stop. Any suggestions?
Title: Re: Cisco incompatibility
Post by: ondrej.kolacek on January 07, 2021, 10:54:30 AM

Avast is incompatible with the Cisco Web Security component, which is AFAIK only active in their paid product (?). However we are not able to identify if it is really active or not, and as such we decide (at least in the latest Avast AV version 14.7) based on whether the component is installed or not. The newest Cisco installer allows you to select which components to install. If this is not possible, you could (we do not recommend this) turn off detection of conflicting apps by running this in terminal:
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sudo /Applications/Avast.app/Contents/Backend/utils/com.avast.cfgctl -f com.avast.service.conf -t compat -v initialWait -i 9999999
sudo killall com.avast.service

Kind regards,
Ondrej Kolacek