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Title: A bonus result from Avast's attempts to encourage use of its VPN
Post by: loungehake on April 30, 2021, 08:21:36 AM
Before I moved home in late 2020, my dynamic broadband IP address was not associated with my home location.  After my fibre broadband was working at my new address, I noticed that Avast's VPN 'reminders' disclosed the name of the small town we had moved to.  I also noticed that Google search had that town name at the foot of each search reults page.

QED Avast was using Google location data.  I became uneasy about my anonymity.  I turned off all Google data associated with me and my wife and returned to the peaceful nomadic existence of dynamically allocated IP address locations in widely flung places like Northampton, Newton Abbott and Stirling.

I realise that this does not guarantee privacy but whoever wants to locate me will now have to do more work to track me down.  Thanks Avast for dropping the hint.