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Title: [Suggestion] New setting: "Ignore exceptions"
Post by: Michaelp800 on October 09, 2021, 05:40:57 PM
Dear Avast Team

For years I have been using Avast as the active antivirus. Now I have a suggestion that could make my life much easier.

I would need a setting (in the settings for virus scans) that allows me to ignore the "exceptions" for certain scans.

So like this:
Menu - Settings - Protection - "Targeted Scan" and "Explorer Scan" - NEW SETTING: "Ignore Exceptions".

For example, I want to run the explorer scan inside a folder that is usually in the exceptions list. But if I want to manually scan a file inside this exception folder, the explorer scan should ignore the exception list.

Would this be possible?

Best regards


(Translated by Deepl. So certain terms might be wrong).
Title: Re: [Suggestion] New setting: "Ignore exceptions"
Post by: DavidR on October 09, 2021, 06:28:48 PM
What is the purpose of the folder in the Exclusions and is this a folder that you created and added to the Exclusions ?
If you created it, I can't understand why you would subsequently want to run an Explorer scan within that folder ?

I have a folder that I have for samples that I don't want to be scanned normally.
But I couldn't imagine a need to subsequently scan within it after all that is why I created it.

Also I rarely run on-demand scans as they are much depreciated in an on-access antivirus scanner, any file that is active would be scanned by the file system shield.  So on-demand scans would essentially be scanning lots of files that are in effect dormant.
Title: Re: [Suggestion] New setting: "Ignore exceptions"
Post by: Michaelp800 on October 10, 2021, 11:40:37 PM
Dear @DavidR

I can explain it to you roughly. I use one of my external HDDs mainly as a storage swap, which Avast can ignore safely.

Now and then, however, it happens for space and psychological reasons that I use this HDD as temporary storage for particularly large downloads. Here I would like to perform a targeted Explorer scan if necessary, without having to manipulate the exception list beforehand.

That is the rough explanation. But there are other reasons why such a function would make sense (in my case).

I hope that helps a bit.  :)

Best regards

Title: Re: [Suggestion] New setting: "Ignore exceptions"
Post by: DavidR on October 11, 2021, 12:38:32 AM
External HDDs unless they are permanently connected wouldn't serve the purpose I explained.

If you haven't got a second internal drive, then creating your own folder to use as your internal download storage.  That way they aren't going to be scanned by CleanUp or possibly targeted by malware.  They would also be scanned by Avast when downloaded.

Subsequently to save space you can move then to your external drive.  As they would have been scanned by avast when first downloaded prior to transfer a targeted scan doesn't really make sense as they would have been scanned when downloaded and also when transferred to the external drive. 

This is an on-access antivirus at work, making on-demand scans much depreciated.
Title: Re: [Suggestion] New setting: "Ignore exceptions"
Post by: Michaelp800 on October 13, 2021, 05:13:53 PM
Yes, the external HDDs are connected continuously.

I don't have space on my internal hard drives for huge (!) downloads. I say yes: the function would be useful in exceptional cases.

I can also imagine other scenarios where such a function can be helpful.

Anyway, such a function would bring me a lot of relief. That's why I submitted the suggestion.

The further procedure is up to Avast.