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Title: found html:evilcursor-B[Trj] how do i know it is gone?
Post by: JoshuaCM on October 23, 2021, 10:42:13 PM
It was found in a tmp file in downloads. i have read that it can keep popping up. I believe that I had gotten it from a phishing email posing as consumer reports. It had unsubscribe text at the bottom, but no links except one in the e-mail separate from the unsubscribe text.

After I went to the website, my cursor kept moving around, even in the lock screen. Programs kept opening, and then the windows taskbar search was disabled.

Something that is odd though, is prior to that e-mail, windows opened when I enabled bluetooth, and seemingly in safe mode.

Regardless, I want to make sure that this trojan is not anywhere else, and does not popup anymore. Some fishy websites say to uninstall some preinstalled windows programs and extensions that are not viruses or malware. They also tell to download some programs that are unknown, so I suspect that those programs might be suspicious. Avast did quarantine this awhile back, then other things after a boot scan and then things seemed fixed. However, recently some of these problems happened again. That suspicious email did pop up again, but i did not directly click the link, but used an unsubscribe option through my e-mail account that opened the site itself. Something that is odd about that is that the domain had always seemed legit. This time, I scanned with avast, and it did not find anything. I used malware bytes in safe mode, and it did not find anything either.  I would like to know if avast might not always detect it. Zone Alarm also noticed hacking attempts.
Title: Re: found html:evilcursor-B[Trj] how do i know it is gone?
Post by: JoshuaCM on October 25, 2021, 03:40:50 AM
Hello. I am hoping someone has an idea about this. I had not had any of this activity at all nor visited any suspicious websites besides possibly this website that was supposed to be consumer reports, so I hope someone had an idea. I only had been using the internet for Facebook, google, quora, and search engines besides windows support basically. So if you can help me, it will be appreciated. The only thing is that zone alarm was uninstalled when my Windows profile was fixed then reinstalled. It just seems that a fake consumer reports email installed a virus from a link or it was installed by a hacker. Please advise.
Title: Re: found html:evilcursor-B[Trj] how do i know it is gone?
Post by: Pondus on October 25, 2021, 10:00:53 PM
Go to Malwarebytes forum and ask for help 

see instructions here