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Title: Adblock URL:Techscam
Post by: xove on December 04, 2021, 09:55:08 PM

I got a "Threat Blocked" message from Avast related to ping.getadblock.com/stats because it was infected with URL:TechScam.

Know of any problems with adblock and Avast, or is it a false positive.

Title: Re: Adblock URL:Techscam
Post by: polonus on December 05, 2021, 11:58:01 AM
The alert is probably because of PHISHing going on on that particular IP -


Nothing here: https://themarkup.org/blacklight?url=ping.getadblock.com
But see sandbox request (a 301) here: https://quttera.com/detailed_report/ping.getadblock.com

Because this a not be used loopback interface: https://intelx.io/?s=ping.getadblock.com
This is being ad-blocked in the end, going to: htxp://free-counter.co.uk/

So we have to wait for a final verdict from avast team as to what this detection stands for or whether it is a FP.