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Title: backup
Post by: bri on December 11, 2007, 12:01:53 PM
is there a software that can backup my system to another partition(not another drive i only have 1 )i have acronis 10 home edition and it only backs up to another drive?
Title: Re: backup
Post by: DavidR on December 11, 2007, 03:37:24 PM
I would think that it should back-up to a partition as partitions are also called drives. When you and windows refers to the C:\ drive it is referring to a partition, which may or may not be a complete Hard Disk Drive.

See image of the file properties of my d:\ partition, windows reports it is a) Type, Local Disk b) Drive D and c) it has a Disk Cleanup button, at no point did windows call it a partition.

So I'm not sure if this isn't just semantics what a word means, though I could be completely wrong as I don't use the product. My old copy of Drive Image 7.1 allows for the storage on any drive/partition other than the one it is imaging (obviously).

If it doesn't allow saving the image to a partition on the same HDD I would say this is a huge failing since there must be many people out there with very large HDDs that have been partitioned. I can't see Acronis being so stupid as to rule out this potential customer base.

Yes it is better to store your back-up images on a second HDD (as I do) because if your primary HDD fails your back-up images are there and may be lost. That second HDD could I guess be internal (as mine is) or external.
Title: Re: backup
Post by: Lisandro on December 11, 2007, 03:37:47 PM
No, Acronis, both True Image (creating a backup file) or Disk Director (fully partition copy), can copy to another partition and not only to another drive. You can't save a backup file (from True Image) in the same partition, you need to use another to save it.