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Title: Event Id 5038
Post by: Spark on July 02, 2022, 01:24:51 PM
A few days ago i started noticing this in event viewer:

Code integrity determined that the image hash of a file is not valid. The file could be corrupt due to unauthorized modification or the invalid hash could indicate a potential disk device error.

For temporary files like:


And yesterday for:


They always come in pairs and the usual routine of repairing avast/dism/sfc did not solve the issue.
Also the system and avast are both updated to the latest version.

I would like to know if these are indeed avast files (it seems to be the case but i'm not 100% sure) and if they are harmless or they might indicate an infection or something (i do run frequent malwarebytes scans an they have found nothing but you never know).

Thank you
Title: Re: Event Id 5038
Post by: Spark on July 09, 2022, 09:53:05 AM
This event still occurs. Does anyone know what might be causing this?