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Title: Mark item as safe option?
Post by: Mikealdo on January 28, 2008, 01:39:10 AM
I'm using Avast Home and it keeps warning me about a particular file on my computer, identifying it as a trojan. But the thing is, I know 100% that it isn't. I tried adding the path of the file to the exclusion list but the next time I rebooted, I got another warning. The file is a .exe but I don't wish to exclude all executables as I feel this would severely compromise my anti-virus.

I guess what I'm asking is, is there an option to tell Avast 'Hey, this file is safe - stop teling me about it'.

Thanks in advance for any replies received  :)
Title: Re: Mark item as safe option?
Post by: DavidR on January 28, 2008, 04:31:06 PM
Then confirm it isn't a trojan, if so, exclude the file from scans and most importantly report it (send a sample) to avast.

You could also check the offending/suspect file at: VirusTotal - Multi engine on-line virus scanner (http://www.virustotal.com/) and report the findings here. I feel virustotal is the better option as it uses the windows version of avast (more packers supported) and there are currently over 30 different scanners.

If it is indeed a false positive, add it to the exclusions lists:
Standard Shield, Customize, Advanced, Add and
Program Settings, Exclusions
Restore it to its original location, periodically check it (scan it in the chest), there should still be a copy in the chest even though you restored it to the original location. When it is no longer detected then you can also remove it from the Standard Shield and Program Settings, exclusions.

Send the sample to virus@avast.com zipped and password protected with the password in email body, a link to this topic might help and false positive/undetected malware in the subject.

Or you can also add the file to the User Files (File, Add) section of the avast chest (or you can allow it to be sent to the chest when detected) where it can do no harm and send it from there (select the file, right click, email to Alwil Software). No need to zip and PW protect when the sample is sent from chest. A copy of the file/s will remain in the original location, so any further action you take can remove that.