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Title: Changed Browser,unable to up-date
Post by: davro on January 07, 2009, 01:01:32 PM
I was using the latest version of Firefox but having severe hanging/freezing issues that I didn't have with the previous version.I switched to Opera last night and am delighted with it.However since I switched my Avast 4.8 won't up-date.It was set to up-date automatically,it now dosn't and I have a warning flagged up that I don't have an up to date virus checker.More worryingly it won't even up-date manually,i've ticked the appropriate box in "Setting" and the link "blues" and my cursor changes from an arrow into a arrow...then nothing,either in program or database.I've tried to take it off but it won't go via add/delete programs,downloaded a small program that was supposed to help,that told me to change a setting that dosn't exist before I could use it.
Driving me nuts,won't up-date and won't let me take it off either,any help/suggestions gratefully recieved.
Still seems to be working as it should....just won't up-date.
Title: Re: Changed Browser,unable to up-date
Post by: DavidR on January 07, 2009, 04:41:46 PM
First I assume that you aren't using the server version of avast ?
I almost didn't check this topic.

The avast update process isn't browser dependant, it doesn't us a browser to update, so that isn't the problem.

What is your firewall ?
Does it allow avast.setup internet access ?
- If it does delete the entry for it and do a manual update, this will force the firewall to ask permission again.