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Title: A-ball Icon Help
Post by: LOD59 on January 31, 2009, 04:40:22 PM
Hi, I recently downloaded Windows Updates on my computer.  Immediately afterwards the A-ball icon started showing a "-" sign on the back side of the ball as it rotates.  Further it doesn't rotate as much as it used to - or at least is seems it doesn't.  Can anyone help me with what this means?  I've spent an hour trying to look it up at the website.  Thanks!  LOD59
Title: Re: A-ball Icon Help
Post by: DavidR on January 31, 2009, 06:23:05 PM
As far as I'm aware there has always been a '-' on the reverse of the avast 'a' icon.

avast only scans files that are accessed so if you aren't doing anything particularly active it won't be rotating a lot.

You could enable the 'Show detailed info on performed actions' this option is off by default,

Set this in the - Standard Shield > Customize > Advanced - 'Show detailed info on performed actions.' 
This function is also on the Web Shield and Internet Mail providers so you should also check those and this shows exactly what is being scanned. I think you will soon tire of it though and disable it again fairly soon.

What exactly are you doing when you feel it isn't rotating when/if you think it should ?
Title: Re: A-ball Icon Help
Post by: LOD59 on February 01, 2009, 03:06:39 AM
Well, right now I'm working on the internet and it hasn't moved in quite some time.  What made me pay so much attention was a message I go during the Microsoft Outlook download:  "Outlook experienced a serious error the last time the add-in 'C:\programfiles\alwil\avast\ashoutxt.dll' was opened.  Would you like to disable this add-in?  To reenable this add-in, click About MS Outlook on the help menu, and then click disabled items." to which I said yes because trying "no" did not get me past this screen.  It was after that that I noticed the "-" sign on the back of the ball icon.  Could be it was always there and I just noticed it because of this issue. 

So does the ball usually rotate when you are changing from one program to another?  Or when should it be turning?  Sorry about the newbie itis.  LOD59
Title: Re: A-ball Icon Help
Post by: DavidR on February 01, 2009, 04:03:18 AM
It rotates when any of the avast resident scanners are scanning a file, when you start a program it would intercept the call to run the .exe file, scan it and the file would run if clean.

When you access a file (hence the name on-access scanner) that would be monitored by avast's resident/on-access scanners, that could be open or run, etc. When browsing a web site avast scans the pages/images, etc. before they are placed in your browser cache so your browser can display them.

Have you done as suggested and enabled the 'Show detailed info on performed actions' option, it you also do it for the Web Shield you would see the list of files scanned by avast. Like the image I have posted here, it might look a little weird as I have the transparency turned up high.