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Title: uninstall
Post by: elik on April 30, 2004, 03:57:08 PM
Urgent help is needed to get rid of my avast! home edition. It slows down my computer + makes difficult to connect to my mail server.
Title: Re:uninstall
Post by: Lisandro on May 01, 2004, 12:25:54 AM
Urgent help is needed to get rid of my avast! home edition. It slows down my computer + makes difficult to connect to my mail server.

Sorry, I do not agree with you... avast never slow down a computer like a lot of other antivirus. But, if you really want, use the Control Panel to remove avast antivirus and if any Registry key remains after that, use avast! 4 Uninstall (http://files.avast.com/files/eng/avclear4.exe) file.
Title: Re:uninstall
Post by: techie101 on May 01, 2004, 06:24:12 AM

There are many reasons for a computer slowing when an antivirus program is installed, but Avast has proven itself to work with all the Windows OS and Mac software.

If you want help to get it working, let us know, or follow Technical's advice to remove it.

Good luck
Title: Re:uninstall
Post by: bob3160 on May 01, 2004, 12:01:18 PM

First I fired McAfee, then I fired Norton and then I hired Avast!
If something is slowing you down. it's not your new anti-virus scanner.
However, if you need help in finding your problem, you just might have come to the right place.
Even though most of us are just ordinary computer users, there are a lot of very smart people that frequent these forums.

I don't hire and fire for a living nore do I have my own TV show.
Title: Re:uninstall
Post by: TheNut on May 01, 2004, 02:12:50 PM
I must say, I feel avast does slow things down a little bit.
I switched from AVG and have noticed (in particular with the "resident shield" and automatic updates enabled), that opening certain programs are a bit slower...Especially while the avast system tray "ball" is spinning to check things out.
This is especially true when first booting up and the program is checking for updates.
Memory usage in task manager seems to confirm avast is still a bit of a resource hog.
HOWEVER...I still love the program and do not plan on removing it. I'll continue to "tweak" until things are the way I like them.

And if any of you have ever used Norton, avast is like a Stealth Fighter Jet comparatively speaking....Man What an incredibly bloated resource hog that horrid program was!
Not to mention it took me forever to remove all remnants of Norton.

Overall, I think avast Rules!!!  ;)

(EDIT) Whoops...I meant "rulez!" (Don't want Vic to be upset )  ;D
Title: Re:uninstall
Post by: S.Z.Craftec on May 01, 2004, 02:55:38 PM
And regarding your mail server... set in your mail client like everything should be set under POP and SMTP settings. After that go and start mail protection wizard (it's in your start menu under avast! folder). Click NEXT, and then choose AUTOMATICALLY PROTECT ALL MY ACCOUNTS and put checkmark under AUTOMATICALLY PROTECT ALL MY ACCOUNTS THAT I CREATE IN THE FUTURE. Click NEXT and then just enter your DEFAULT pop and SMTP servers. Click NEXT and you're all set...

That will solve the problem regarding accessing your mail server.

If you wanna make your computer little bit faster, just disable some of avast! providers that you don't use... like INSTANT MESSAGING, P2P shield, Outlook/Exchange... of course if you don't use them.

Believe me, avast! is very, very light on your system resources comparing to some other and very expensive antivirus tools.

Regards !
Title: Re:uninstall
Post by: bob3160 on May 01, 2004, 03:09:54 PM
Please don't misunderstand  what i said. Any program that has to monitor other programs, is bound to slow things down.
The important thing here is how much and to what extent.
I can defenitely live with the affects of Avant4. I could not live with the effects of Norton. With norton, there where times when my system actually took a snooze and i had to wait for it to wake up so that i could use the keybord or mouse again.
Now that was unacceptable and led me to search for a replacement.
I was also very surprised that after removing Norton, ( that was a job and a half ) and running my first full scan with avast, I was told that I had 2 viruses on my system.......
They must have slipped by Norton during one of its knapps. ;D
I am now finally a happy camper. :)